Adrien and Piper by requestBy: Layla
“Did you find out whether or not it’ll be possible?”
A light groan left Adrien and he reached up to rub his hand at the back of his neck, massaging at the tightly bound muscles before he gave a quick shake of his head. “Nope. Asking that asshole anything is like asking you something.”
Tristan’s one eyebrow arched and he wore a blank sort of expression; “And what the hell does that mean?”
“It means that getting a straight fucking answer out of you is goddamn impossible.”
His brother’s lips twitched into a smirk; “I happen to like that about myself. It gives me a certain air of…mystery.”
Golden eyes rolled; “It gives you a certain air of being a pain in my pretty ass.”
“Which is secretly one of the highlights of my life, I won’t lie.”
Adrien’s chest rumbled with a low chortle of a laugh as he pushed through the front door of the cottage. The living room was empty save for a fire that was dying out in the hearth and no sooner had they stepped over the threshold than a soft voice was calling out from behind a cracked open door for Tristan. Glancing towards where the voice came from, Adrien gave a half laugh and lifted his hand in a wave as he walked towards his and Piper’s bedroom. “See you in the morning.”
The grin on Tristan’s face could be heard in his voice as he headed towards Danielle; “Bright and early, Sunshine.”
Ugh. That was entirely too true for Adrien’s liking. Only a short five hours from now, they had to be back at the job site and bright eyed-and-bushy tailed. Glancing to the clock in the hallway, a hand came up for him to tick off and calculate exactly how many hours and minutes of sleep he’d be able to get if he managed to fall asleep directly after laying down. It wasn’t much, but he’d make the best of it. Piper was more than likely already fast asleep which he had to inwardly admit was fairly depressing, but it was hard telling. The slow opening of their bedroom door however revealed that he was indeed correct. His girlfriend was seemingly passed out and curled into a little ball under the blankets. The sight brought a slight grin to his lips and he quietly made his way into the bathroom to grab a quick shower before joining her.
“You’re out later than what you originally stated you would be.”
Having barely stepped out of the bathroom, Adrien did something of a double take when he heard Piper’s voice and realized the bedroom light was on. He blinked a few times and took a step back to evaluate the scene before him. Lights were on, Piper was out of bed and seemingly wide awake, and that was when his eyes paused in their scanning. Piper was absolutely wide awake. It was what she was wearing that had him halting any further scrutiny of what was going on. Perfectly shaped legs were clad in black stockings which allowed barely two inches of thigh skin to be exposed to him before a short blue skirt cut off his vision. The skirt was attached by a thick black belt to a tight short sleeved top that’s buttons were straining across her chest in a way that was begging for him to yank and pop them open. Over top her left breast was a shiny silver star that read ‘Sheriff’ and dangling from one hand which rested on her hip was a pair of black cuffs. His eyes swept up and over her a handful of times before it seemed like the muscles in his mouth were willing to cooperate enough to formulate legitimate words.
“…am I in some sort of trouble?”
“Yes, you are. And when you address me, it’s ‘Ma’am’.”
Eyebrows shot upwards and a grin touched his lips. Well, looks like his plans of sleeping were shot to hell – and he was perfectly okay with that. “Ah, right. My apologies, Ma’am.”
Piper’s blue eyes narrowed and she shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she glared up at him in a rather stern manner. “I’m not interested in your apologies. You violated a direct demand to return by a specific time and now you’re going to deal with the outcome of your screw up.” A low chuckle left him, but before he could get it out entirely, a short little riding crop which he hadn’t noticed his girlfriend holding came up and slapped his bare chest. “Did I make a joke, Moreau?”
Adrien hesitated half a second before doing his best to wipe the grin from his face; “No, Ma’am. You certainly didn’t.”
“That’s right, I didn’t.” She took a step forward and shuffling her cuffs into the hand with her crop, she used her free hand to snag hold of his upper arm and twist in order to shove him face first against the wall. “You need to remember your place, Moreau.”
It was taking a genuinely concentrated effort for Adrien not to grin. Where the hell had this come from? He had no fucking idea, but Christ if he didn’t love it. It wasn’t a secret that Adrien loved being in control of just about everything in his life – his sex life included. But every now and then, there was something undeniably sexy and erotic about handing the reigns over to his girlfriend. The fact that the woman had not only taken – but flat out stolen the reigns in this case – was turning him on in a way that the tall arrogant bastard never would have expected. When Piper yanked on his arms to pull his hands behind his back and slap the cuffs over his wrists, he dropped his forehead against the wall and a low groan began to build up in his throat that he was forced to swallow. “So what’s my punishment then, Ma’am?”
Adrien had twisted his neck around to look down at her and Piper’s eyebrows rose as she looked up at him; “Did I tell you it was okay to turn around or look at me?”
“I suppose not.”
“Then turn back around. Now!”
The little crop she held smacked sharply against his lower back and Adrien jolted slightly as he turned back around with a grin on his lips. “Sorry.”
Her hand came up to rest on his hip and Piper’s nails dug into his flesh; “Ma’am.”
Releasing her hold on him, Piper smirked to herself and laid the flat leather part of the crop against her boyfriend’s back and trailed it slowly down his skin. Pressing her chest tightly to his back, she wrapped her other hand around his chest and trailed it down his front; “Now. We have quite a dilemma that needs straightened out here, Moreau.”
Adrien’s hands bunched into fists behind his back and more than anything, he wanted to run them over his girlfriend’s body. Unfortunately, those goddamn handcuffs prevented him from doing anything. “What exactly did you have in mind…Ma’am?”
Crafty little minx, isn’t she?
Without any words, Piper pulled back from him and used his arm to yank him back around to face her. Her hands went quickly to his shoulders where she tugged and naturally – Adrian obliged her by dropping to his knees. Her one eyebrow rose and she flashed a little smirk before lifting her one leg and draping it up over his shoulder. Adrien’s own eyebrows lifted as he looked first at her and then directly in front of himself to the rather delicious view she was giving him. His own lips twitched into a smirk when he realized there was absolutely nothing in the way of hindering him from getting to her. Crafty little minx, indeed. When his eyes once again rose to meet hers, Piper only gave him a blank expectant expression which was all he needed. Not waiting a beat longer, Adrien dropped his head forward and used his forehead to push the little blue skirt up and over his head. His tongue instantly slicked up and over her. A low moan left his girlfriend and he couldn’t help grinning against her skin as he continued to slowly and carefully explore her sex with his mouth. Not having use of his hands was frustrating, but didn’t prevent him from pulling heavy moans and ragged breathing from her. If anything, not being able to use his fingers to penetrate her or his hands to secure her hips in place was allowing him to be a bit more forceful and creative with his mouth. His tongue flicked quickly, moving up and down, then changing to swiping side to side. When she called out and her fingers came down to grasp a handful of dark hair, Adrien buried his tongue deep inside her, tasting every sweet drop she had to offer.
“Oh, Adrien…fuck!”
That was when he pulled his mouth back and looked up to her with an eyebrow arched and a small wry grin touching his lips; “Wait a second here, what happened to ‘Moreau’?”
Piper’s eyes rolled and she shook her head; “Just go back to what you were doing!”
“But wait a second here, aren’t you supposed to be punishing me? What’s my punishment? Because if you think it’s a punishment for me to drive you out of your mind with my mouth – you’re sorely mistaken…Ma’am.”
There was a slight huff of breath from her and Piper glared down at him; “Adrien, shut up and use your mouth for something useful.”
A chuckle left him; “Is that a demand?”
“Ugh! Yes, goddamnit!”
A growl came from her and Piper yanked on his hair; “Moreau!”
 Laughing a little more, he smirked up at her; “That’s more like it,” and he dropped his mouth forward once again, resuming licking and stroking her clit with his tongue in every way he knew possible to pull her over the edge. It didn’t take long. Piper’s body tensed and she let out a loud gasp, buckling over as her orgasm flooded his mouth. Her hands shot forward so she could brace herself on his shoulders and the leg draped over him tightened, causing her heel to dig into his back. “Is that what you wanted?”
A slight whimper left his girlfriend and she remained leaned over him. Her hands slid down to run with her palms flat over the skin of his back. Several scars that marked his back were gently traced by her fingertips and despite the miserable memories associated with them, there was something almost erotic about the way she touched them and Adrien groaned – eyes closing as she did this. “Adrien, I want you…”
He wanted her. Fuck, he wanted her. But wait a minute. She started this game, right? He’d be being a poor sport if he let it end so quickly. A little grin tugged at his lips and Adrien lifted his head to look up at her; “I thought I was supposed to be being punished?”
Piper groaned and dropped her head back; “Adrien, come on…”
He quirked a brow; “You’re the one who said I did something wrong and had to pay for it.”
“You paid!”
“You think so?”
Adrien said nothing for a moment, only moved his mouth forward again to stroke his tongue over her roughly to pull a longing moan from her before he looked up at her once again; “You done playing, Sweetheart?” When she gave him a pathetic look and nodded to him, Adrien leaned forward once again to press his mouth tightly to her sex. As he let his tongue plunge inside her and stroke up and over her hot skin more, Adrien’s hands worked behind his back. The cuffs weren’t that solid and straining against them, he was able to give a quick hard jerk and break the thin chain that linked them to one another.
Blissfully unaware that his hands were free, Piper pressed her hips forward, tipping herself into his mouth as she felt herself about to cum once more. But her boyfriend had other plans. She wanted to control him and that was fine…for the few minutes she had been willing to take on that role. But she’d faltered and hesitated in her little game and now it was time for him to show her what someone in charge really did. Giving one final heavy stroke of his tongue, Adrien’s hands shot up from behind his back and grabbed tightly to her hips. Not surprisingly, Piper gave a little shout of shock that he had managed to free himself and the sound had a wide smile lighting up his face. Pushing up from his knees, Adrien lifted Piper quickly and pulled her tightly to his body. Her legs instantly banded around his waist and her mouth clashed hotly with his. Adrien didn’t bother trying to get her to the bed. Fuck that shit. He wanted her now and he was going to have her now, goddamnit.
Spinning around, he slammed his girlfriend’s back against the wall where she had only moment earlier handcuffed him. Using his weight to hold her up, Adrien’s hands traveled down his girlfriend’s body to her thighs, grabbing hold of them tightly before wandering back up her body once again. One hand slipped in between the opening of her top and he gave a sharp tug that popped the already strained buttons open. With her breasts exposed to him, he brought one hand up to grab the edge of the blue silk and tug the bra down so he could let his thumb gently brush over an already erect nipple. A soft supple moan left Piper’s throat and he crushed his mouth to hers again, pulling back so he could growl in her ear; “You wanted to control me? Then tell me what to do, Piper.”
A little whining sound came from the blonde and she dug her nails into his back; “Adrien, please…”
“You can say it, Sweetheart…go on…tell me…”
Moaning as her boyfriend’s hand not currently teasing her breasts traveled down between them to slide two fingers slowly inside her, Piper brushed her lips over his throat and spoke in barely a whisper; “Please…”
“Piper, just tell me. That’s all you have to do. Say how bad you want me to make you cum…tell me how much you want me inside you.”
His growling voice sent shivers down her spine and Piper nodded against his neck, letting her teeth scrape over his earlobe. “I want you to fuck me until I can’t think straight, Adrien.” A satisfied sort of sigh left him and he let his teeth nip over her throat, pressing himself up against her and sliding his head over her teasingly. “Adrien, please, I’m begging you…”
“Good girl.”
The blonde’s eyes would have rolled at the arrogant way he spoke, but when he thrust up and into her, her breath was taken and her eyes had no choice but to shoot wide open. Loud shouts left her as he drove himself up and into her. Her nails dug into his back and Adrien’s dug into her shoulders, scraping down over her arms until he had hold of her wrists. One hand moved to lock onto her hip and the other caught her wrist and forced it up, pinning her arm over her head. His mouth lashed at her throat and the long moans that caused her skin there to vibrate sent a shock of heat through him. There was nothing in his mind – nothing but the way Piper’s body wrapped tightly around him, the warm heat of her, and the way her voice echoed and screamed in his ear. The feel of her combined with the longing way she couldn’t seem to stop calling out for him were both pulling him closer to his release and Adrien slowed down a beat to prevent that from happening.
Obviously, Piper didn’t want that and she practically growled as she bit down on his lip; “Adrien, don’t fucking stop!”
“Do you feel that?” He gave a hard and powerful thrust into her, which brought a loud shout from his girlfriend.
“Then… you… know…. how… good… it… feels?” His words were punctuated as he slammed roughly up into her between each one.
Piper groaned, her head dropping back against the wall as she whined; “Yes, Adrien! God, yes!”
“Alright…then bear with me unless you’re ready for that to be over with, hmm?”
Another whimpering sound caught in her throat and she shook her head back and forth; “No, not yet!”
Chuckling, he dropped his hold on her hand over her head. Both hands now wrapped down under her thighs and he lifted her away from the wall so he could carry her forward and drop her on the bed. Piper’s back hit the mattress and Adrien braced his hands on the underside of her thighs. Standing at the edge of the bed, he plunged deep inside her once again, loving the way her body responded and how she called out for him. “Feel good, Sweetheart?”
“Oh my god, Adrien…yes…it feels so good…”
He pounded his hips against her, keeping his hands pressed firmly to her thighs so he had her helplessly lying there with no choice but to take everything he gave her. Piper loved it – her body writhed under him and she tilted her hips upwards to allow him deeper access to her. The more he slammed into her, the heavier and louder her breathing got. A flood of heat washed over her and her one hand shot forward so  her fingers could dig into the strained muscle of his forearm still pressing heavily on her leg. “Yes, yes, yes, yes…oh fuck, yes…”
“Adrien…Adrien, I’m cumming! Cum with me, please…”
A low growl left him and obeying that one final command issued, Adrien impaled his girlfriend with as much ardor as he could give before his entire body shuddered. His climax rippled down through him and was pulled from him as Piper’s screamed through her and caused her to tighten around him. “Fucking hell…” Golden eyes snapped shut and a heavy groaning guttural moan left his throat as he felt the final throb of his orgasm release.
Pulling out from her, Adrien collapsed onto the bed alongside his girlfriend to catch his breath. Piper gasped, her chest still heaving as she pushed up onto her elbows and grinned down at him; “So the cop uniform was a success?”
Chuckling, he reached a slightly shaky hand up to brush her hair back from her face; “Yes ma’am.”